Youth for Therapy aims to normalize therapy by providing Therapeutic Support, Psychological Intervention and Mental Health Resources. Therapy is still out of reach for many individuals and communities. This endeavor aims to initiate supportive and meaningful conversations around therapy along with building a collaborative space and community of informed Mental Health Professionals.To ensure greater accessibility of mental health care, Youth for Therapy deeply resonates with an intersectional lens to mental health. With a dearth of affordable services, Youth for Therapy aims to bridge the gap by an exclusive focus on community networks and regional voices.




Pan-India Mental Health Resource Hub

The Pan-India Mental Health Resource Hub is a repository of Mental Health Resources which aims to provide support for well-being across the communities. The first phase is now live featuring more than 100 Mental Health Professionals from 25 cities across India on our Campaign Hub - We aim to release the compiled information in a phased manner initially through our digital platforms. Our ultimate vision with the composition of the Resource Hub is not only to enhance the reach of mental health support, but also to transcend the existing digital barriers through our network. Phase 2 will be launched in August 2022.


VH1: #EndTheStigma Campaign

With our #EndTheStigma campaign, we aim to promote the culture of seeking help and professional aid, because mental health matters. To help people who are struggling with mental healt issues, tangible support is needed. With our efforts, help is just a call away! Youth for Mental Health has combined a list of trusted mental health professionals and practitioners from all over India.

Offering Sliding Scale

Here are some of the mental health practitioners you can reach out to to support your journey, whatever it looks like for you right now. You deserve the support you wish to access! The Mental Health Practitioners mentioned have different charges and Sliding Scale ranges falling between Rs.500 - Rs.1200 per session. Get in touch with the professionals via the contact details provided in the post to take the process ahead.
Disclaimer: These Mental Health Practitioners have only been featured by Youth for Mental Health and their services are not owned by us. We do not claim any liabilities arising out of the consultations made. Please contact the practitioners directly for appointments.

Open Space

Youth for Mental Health and Youth for Expressive Arts bring to you - Open Space - A Therapeutic Workshop Based in Expressive Arts Therapy. The workshop has been designed and facilitated by our experts Tanvi & Rennet Attri, Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioners and Coordinators of our Expressive Arts Program. The workshop aims to provide space for you to unwind, breathe and resource ourselves to move through these difficult times.


We are pleased to share that Co-WeCare is here to help you navigate through these unprecedented times and maintain your well-being. Co-WeCare is a group of Mental Health Professionals with a Master's in Applied Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences - BALM, Chennai, who have come forward to provide you with free and brief-counselling sessions where you can reach out, talk to them and share your emotions and feelings. Youth for Mental Health is pleased to partner with Co-WeCare and support such a thoughtful initiative.