Youth for Mental Health is a youth-based organization working for the advancement of mental health in India through creative and impactful endeavours. So far, more than 4000 students have registered for our various initiatives from over 200 colleges and 80 cities across India and a few other countries as well. Mental health and well-being have long been considered abstractions--unimportant, facilities meant for people belonging to the upper socio-economic strata. At Youth for Mental Health, we believe in uprooting the stigma and addressing this lack of awareness by generating awareness and making mental health services accessible to all.

In an attempt to provide students with an experiential edge in their learning along with encouraging skill enhancement, broadening their perspective and stimulating their creative potential, we organize workshops and internships for students from all academic backgrounds. Till date, we have successfully organized internship programs for around 900 college students, including a special learning program for school students. These programs have come to be known for providing quality knowledge, exposure and a lot of fun!

Recognizing multiple areas within the realm of mental health need equal recognition, we have founded four wings focusing on specific areas. We are also working on establishing a community project that will design and implement psychological interventions for underserved communities, and providing and making psychological support accessible to all people.  

Our Objectives

  • Co-creating - Co-creating an evolving and representative community of those who are battling with mental health issues, those who are committed to and willing to help, and those who are passionate about furthering the cause.
  • De-stigmatizing - Sensitizing people and de-stigmatizing the concept of mental health - how it forms the core of our overall well-being and guides our actions and experiences in life.
  • Developing - Equipping young minds with the skills and requisite knowledge and exposure by opening avenues for them to learn, creatively explore their potential and develop themselves.
  • Providing - Providing reliable resources to all in the form of accessible professional help so that anyone who faces issues is offered immediate help and is made cognizant of ways to improve their life circumstances through working on themselves and their needs.
  • Fostering - Fostering a non-judgemental, non-restrictive, supportive, and safe environment for all people, where they have the freedom to express and develop their ideas and communicate them to others while also appreciating the perspectives of other people.




    Youth for Mental Health was Founded

  • July

    First Summer Internship

  • August

    First Mental Health Series

  • September

    Go Yellow Drive

  • October

    First Mental Health Internship

  • November

    First Mental Health Confab

  • December

    First Winter Internship 

  • February

    First Mental Health Bootcamp'20
    NeuraNapse - Research Project

  • March

    #GenEqual Summit

  • April

    India for Mental Health

  • May

    First Online Summer Internship

  • June

    Summer Internship 2.0

  • July

    Summer Internship : Chapter 3

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