Mental health is multi-dimensional. Recognizing that there are several ways to express oneself and seek help as well as various means of gaining knowledge and a variety of fields to explore, Youth for Mental Health has spread its wings and established several programs focused on specific areas of mental health - be it awareness or implementation. These initiatives aim to reach out to people with different levels of access to information as well as different fields of interest.

Youth For Expressive Arts

Youth for Expressive Arts aims to promote mental health through creative initiatives centred around expressive arts. The wing is led by Rennet Attri and Tanvi, Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioners. On board as its mentors are Devika Mehta Kadam, Dance Movement Therapist and Course Director at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai along with Sukriti Dua, Psychologist and Dance/Movement Therapy Practitioner.

Youth For Therapy

Youth for Therapy aims to normalize therapy by providing Therapeutic Support, Psychological Intervention and Mental Health Resources. To ensure greater accessibility of mental health care, Youth for Therapy deeply resonates with an intersectional lens to mental health. With a dearth of affordable services, Youth for Therapy aims to bridge the gap by an exclusive focus on community networks and regional voices.

Youth For Disability

Youth for Mental Health is pleased to announce its latest endeavour, Youth for Disability, an initiative on Disability and Mental Health. Through this initiative, we aim to raise awareness and initiate conversations around disabilities and related issues. Disabilities and mental health, both being a taboo makes it extremely important to actively sensitize our society to provide enabling and inclusive spaces for persons with disabilities.

Youth For Pride

In our drive to make mental health as inclusive as possible, we founded Youth for Pride, a program focusing on mental health issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. We recognize the challenges faced by queer folx and aim to provide essential information and resources to them as well as their allies through special programs designed to generate awareness and provide solutions.

Youth For Elderly

The elderly are one section of the society whose mental health is often ignored. To address this lack of attention and to make mental health awareness and support more inclusive, we collaborated with B.Neurofit to establish Youth for Elderly and is Headed by Banika Ahuja, Psychologist. The wing aims to organize programs to prioritize the mental health of our senior citizens.

The Mental Health Show

The Mental Health Show- Prioritizing mental health also necessitates the creation of a language, a medium, a space that can make way for individual and community voices. Through The Mental health show, we aim to bring forth the unheard conversations around mental health through thoughtful discussions with individuals, professionals, artists, and changemakers.

Memez For Mental Health

Memez for Mental Health was created in 2020 with an intent of creating awareness around mental health and related matters through memes and has reached out to more than a million, regularly bringing attention to the matters around mental health, mainly psychology students. In November 2021, it was officially announced as the Meme Hub of Youth for Mental Health.