Youth for Mental Health believes that mental health awareness means not just talking about issues that are stigmatized or often ignored, but also celebrating mental well-being. We believe that events and festivals centred around mental wellbeing will make the concept interesting and exciting, and help people discover that it’s about much more than anxiety, depression, and therapy. At YMH, we toast to this spirit of wellbeing through our curated events.


On October 10, recognized as World Mental Health Day, Youth for Mental Health organized its first Mental Health Confab ‘19. The event featured panel discussions, dance performances, street plays, musical concerts, and more, while also exploring the Rise of the Semicolon in Millenials. About 500 participants, speakers and artists took part in the event!


Among our core beliefs is the idea that mental health is for all. Taking this belief a step forward, we commemorated International Women’s Day 2020, by hosting the #GenEqual Summit in collaboration with We The Young and Girl Up - United Nations Foundation. The one-week online campaigns #PaintMePurple and #InspireToEmpower were followed by a summit held in Gurugram, centred around the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights.” The event featured panel discussions, musical gigs, spoken word poetry, and group activities to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and gender equality.


For our first Foundation Day in April 2020, we organized UNWIND: Conversations, Art & You, a two-day virtual event on Instagram which featured Live conversations with mental health professionals and advocates, psychologists, artists, speakers, and performers from India and abroad. A unique event of its kind, UNWIND was created to bring the idea of mental health home and to initiate meaningful conversations.


Open Mic for Elderly was one of the first virtual events held by our wing Youth for Elderly. A celebration of mental wellbeing of old people, the event asked people to share videos of their parents/grandparents showcasing talents as varied as poetry, singing, dancing, dramatics, dressing up, and more, to the world!


Youth for Mental Health believes that we should rejoice in being fit, physically and mentally. Our various events are an attempt to celebrate all aspects of mental well-being. We hope that participation in these events will keep growing until mental health becomes normal, accepted, and celebrated in our lives.